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foto 3Last 17th of February, the Georgian College from Canada (Ontario) visited the UTRM in order to explore opportunities to work together and establish an academic cooperation for the benefit of both institutions. Michael Agema, Internationalization Lead, met the Chancellor, Jaime Alberto González Mendoza and some authorities. Finally, they signed a Memorandum of Understanding and agreed with impulsing the following projects:

  1. An English assistant program will permit the student mobility of Canadian student to UTRM in order to enhance the English teaching and strengthen the mobility. Moreover, the assistant will help the UTRM to translate materials to English from Spanish.
  2. Teacher exchange in reciprocal term. One Mexican teacher and one Canadian teacher from the same area of speciality will go to Canada and Mexico for one month during this year. Depending on the financial resources, one or two Mexican teachers from Gastronomy or Hospitality and Tourism of the UTRM and one or two teachers from GC will benefit from this program. 
  3. The UTRM will share some didactic material with UTRM conectada.
  4. The GC and the UTRM will build a Center in international Hospitality proposing formation of 4 weeks with teachers from Canada.
  5. The GC is interested in sending students to live the experience of the Route of Mayan Gastronomy.

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