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Foto 2As a BIS university, our students have the opportunity to study abroad. Thanks to this model, they will graduate with an international resume. Indeed, our purpose is to strengthen their formation living an international experience as an answer to the demand of the labor market. Indeed, more and more companies requires qualified human resources with global competence. So, the best way to guarantee their employment consist in considering this requirement. In this context, the UTRM organized the International Mobility Day as a strategy to make students aware of the challenge they will face soon as Citizens of the world.

The program began with the testimony of students and teachers who benefited from a mobility grant. We invite you to consult their testimony in the following link:

Afterwards, Vivian del Carmen Cuevas Caballero, an expert in internationalization talked about Academicadjustment& Study Abroad: A Case Study in an American University. She explained the different challenges a foreign student has to face to be able to study in USA regarding the change of educative model.

Finally, a conversation workshop took place in the afternoon where the UTRM staff learning English and students from the mobility programs talked about several issues speaking only in English. 



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