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skills. Finalist gets an opportunity visit China to compete against the best of the best students from around the world and get global recognition for their knowledge, hard work and achievements. All finalists get an opportunity to meet with other students from around the world to share ideas and experiences as well as get an understanding of Chinese culture and cuisine. 

  1. B. Competition Stages 
  2. ? Stage 1: Huawei Academy ICT Skills Competition Mexico 2017 

Successful country and regional winners will be put forward to the global finals. 

? Stage 2: Global finals 

If you successfully complete stage 1 you will be entered into stage 2 where you will compete against finalists from around the world. The final will take place in Shenzhen, China in Spring 2018. 

  1. C. Free HCNA Certification Exam Voucher Program 

Huawei is currently running a special promotion where you will be able to apply for a free HCNA Certification Exam Voucher if you meet the ALL following criteria: 

? 4 or more hours of online learning 

? 60+ points for the online mock test 

This promotion has been designed to help young people achieve industry standard qualifications that are globally recognized by the ICT industry and provide employable skills to help young people kick-start their career. 

  1. II. Registration and schedule 

A. Target Participants 

? Universities and vocational schools that have become Huawei ICT Academies or are willing to become Huawei ICT Academies in the future. 

? Universities and vocational schools can recommend candidates. Only students can participate in the competition. It is recommended that junior and senior students attend the Huawei Academy ICT Skill Competition Mexico 2017. 

? You must be between the age of 16 and 30 years.


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